Life at La Posada Assisted Living

is meant to be full of vitality, joy and purpose. Our enthusiastic team helps residents structure their time so that every day is full of engaging activities and meaningful social connection with others. We encourage participation in physical and brain fitness activities to maintain memory and enhance cognition. Residents may enjoy music, movies, art and small group gatherings that stimulate conversation and wonderful memories.

La Posada’s compassionate and specially-trained team engages residents with the extra care and patience they may need. The community, the dining experience, and social connection continue to be the foundation of the program.

We are more than just people living together, we are friends and neighbors; we enjoy the good morning conversation over a cup of coffee, we engage in pre-planned events throughout the day and so much more. As neighbors, we spend time together doing the things we love, living life to the fullest while keeping our minds and bodies healthy, and our souls happy.

La Posada Senior Living

Community Engagement

Meaningful group activities provide enriching experiences and connection with others on a daily basis. Activities and excursions are designed to maintain residents’ sense of being helpful, needed, and a valued member of a community. Common areas include indoor and outdoor areas for residents to enjoy anytime they wish. Areas for small group activities are scattered throughout the neighborhood. Residents may enjoy music, bingo, or engaging in activities designed to stimulate conversation and memories about their past.

Signature Dining

Meals continue to be an important part of our residents’ lives, and we strive to provide the same fine dining options that are offered in the greater community. Residents dine restaurant-style and are offered entree choices at every meal. Private dining options are available for family gathering and celebrations. A positive dining experience reinforces social skills and a sense of self sufficiency.

Your Care Team

Our care providers are hand-selected for their skills, previous experience, and a passion for working with the elderly. A licensed, full-time nurse oversees the program. Care providers are available to residents 24 hours a day as needed. All Buena Vista team members participate in weekly education, training, and routine evaluations.

Community Pet Companions

Buena Vista believes that animals bring life and companionship to our community. We encourage one to inquire if desiring to move in with a pet.

Safety & Familiarity

When residents can successfully navigate a familiar environment, self-esteem is enhanced and anxiety decreases. Buena Vista offers helpful physical surroundings to aid residents with orientation and navigating their way around the community.