Understanding Memory Care

There are distinct differences between Memory Care and other types of senior communities. Although it would be easy to think that any senior community that has residents with dementia is a Memory Care community, nothing could be farther from the truth.

What does Memory Care provide?

Memory Care communities do more than address the mental and physical changes brought about by dementia. At La Posada, we know that memory impairments can change how a person thinks, acts and feels. These changes often present special challenges for families. An ordinary conversation, for example, can be quite frustrating when your loved one has difficulty remembering from one moment to the next what has been said.

These challenges are equally frustrating for the person with dementia. Our Memory Care community gives the person with dementia permission to be exactly who they are and allows them to receive the help they need without judgement or shame.

Why La Posada?

The primary mission of La Posada is to provide a place where residents may live fully with dignity. Our staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, following the La Posada philosophy to help each person be as independent as possible for a long as possible. Our four progressive levels of care and two residential environments ensure that each person gets the appropriate amount of assistance with their daily living and medical needs, and our person-centered approach to care means that all services are delivered in a manner that respects the individual’s relationships, life experiences, abilities and preferences.

This person-centered approach to care carries over to activities at La Posada. Residents enjoy activities for body, mind and spirit including outings, walks around the neighborhood, exercise, games, discussions, gardening, art, music, pet visits and social events to name just a few. Because contributing to a community has been a part of so many residents’ lives, they are encouraged to participate in any way that they are able. This may be as simple as helping set the table for family style meals, folding laundry or gardening.